Advertising Your Business: 6 Easy Steps To Follow For Beginner

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I’m going to answer two questions from everybody in this world …

what would it take to convince your business?

To adopt a new advertising small business that you haven’t used before so i quickly answer for this one I think for me it would be a small test I get pitched a whole bunch of times on trying out different products or services and most of the time I say no unless I see you know real potential value but I won’t pay for anything until I see that it’s working.

Read these tips …

1. Don’t spend money till you’re making money

I’d have to do a free trial & error, I have to …

you know …  see that it’s working on a small scale

I’m getting you to know that increased revenue can be driving business then I’m going to spend and you know hopefully spend big money because what you’re doing is really working …

so especially now, what should you do?

since you haven’t started this thing yet and you don’t have any track record, I would say you have to do some free trials with some businesses.

look at who else is already advertising on the kind of mobile,

if you’re looking at the buses for example. going by the benches who are advertising they’re already and start to try to go after those types of company – they’re already kind of understanding the importance of doing it start on a free trial build up momentum

2. Shows That You Know It’s Working 


You offer them a couple of months. you know have priced in at the beginning then you start ratcheting it up as you see they’re getting results so that’s how I would do it kind of sucks

Get some clients. build around the customer so before launching this business I’d go and start talking to these customers and asking is this something that’s really needed right now? and how would you do it? how would we be able to provide the most value to you compared to your advertising or Chadd vert sizing and we will give you some ideas below

3. Start talking to customers as well

  • try to build a product or service that’s going to help you know
  • help them out more than what you had in mind and maybe similar to what you had but chances are they’re going to want to change it at tweaks and they’re the customer so they’re going to pay you to do it

4. Sales For Small Startups


if your product or service is going to work and that’s your job as a founder to go out and start talking to customers and show that you have something that people are actually going to be able to use.

where it’s hard to attract the salesperson to join a company with zero track record and you don’t know if your service is something that people are going to want to take on

before you get to sell again build around the customer it’s your job as a founder to go out and make sure that you have a viable product or service

5. Feedback From Customers

Get their feedback – make changes and tweaks.

show that what you can …

you know, deliver something that’s going to be a value add and then once you’re confident in that, you’re able to bring on a salesperson who can you trust

6. Do a better job

going out sales expand your business and you have some track record that they’re going to want to come on board and help you out with so that would be my advice you might be able to have.



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