6 Brands That Are Made in America And Get Successful

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Every purchase you make is a choice to support certain causes, manufacturing standards and economies. However, this isn’t necessarily a conscious choice. You buy things you enjoy and don’t always think about where the goods actually came from.

For U.S. consumers, looking for and purchasing American-made products means supporting local markets and jobs. The following companies — many of which follow sustainable and socially aware practices — manufacture their goods right here in America and use materials primarily sourced from the good old U.S. of A.

Green Toys cares about increasing awareness of sustainability and does that via its 100 percent recycled materials and U.S.-based manufacturing. It makes its toys mostly from recycled milk jugs, occasionally incorporating other types of recycled plastic such as yogurt cups. The milk jugs it utilizes are 100 percent post-consumer recycled high-density polyethylene, and the company’s use of the in its own toys has helped recycle over 49 million milk jugs. All Green Toys products are packed in recyclable cardboard without the additives such as blister packs, twist ties or cellophane wrappers. The business also uses soy ink on its own packaging.

American Plastic Toys

Headquarters: Walled Lake, Michigan

American Plastic Toys has been producing toys in the United States since 1962. It buys all the plastic to create the toys in the U.S., and the color it uses in all of its products is also purchased domestically and FDA approved. Most of the elements in the goods are molded in the company’s plants or purchased from U.S. businesses. The company also tests every American Plastic Toys product by at least one independent U.S. safety-testing lab. While clients cannot purchase products online, American Plastic Toys are accessible from most major mass merchants, such as Walmart, Toys R Us and Dollar General.


Headquarters: Arlington, Texas

Fifty decades ago, Petmate established the first dog kennel in its home office in Arlington, Texas. Since then, the product line has increased from kennels to accessories, clothing, washing equipment, feeders and so much more, and for many different animals. It sources a lot of the plastic for manufacturing by Spectrum Plastics Facility, also based in Arlington. The Petmate manufacturing facility has obtained the Edison Green Award for being”a pioneer in globally recognizing, honoring, and fostering innovation and innovators to create a positive impact on the earth.”


Headquarters: New York, New York

Launched in April 2014, Casper manufactures mattresses, among other items such as cushions and sheets, that it delivers right to your door in a box. Casper products are free from harmful chemical flame retardants, and the company utilizes a Greenguard-certified, water-based glue for laminating the foams rather than solvent-based adhesives. The foams are also ultra-low VOC and hauled to the greatest environmental manufacturing standards, according to the Casper website. The company’s mattresses are handmade with components from Illinois, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and New York. Casper is headquartered in New York City and ships its products from warehouses in California, Georgia and Connecticut.


Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

Scientists and dad Chris Coachella made Brackitz when he realized that conventional blocks weren’t sufficient to stimulate his kids’ exceptionally growing imaginations. Brackitz allows children of all ages to build 3D structures, big or small. They’re intentionally open-ended, meaning that players can keep adjusting and adding with apparently no end in sight. All of Brackitz products are made in the USA with secure materials licensed by Consumer Product Safety Commission standards.

Named to get a line in Walt Whitman’s poem”Crossing Brooklyn Ferry,” Ample Hills Creamery provides a number of their most unique and whimsical ice cream tastes around. Owners Brian and Jackie opened Ample Hills in the spring of 2011 and dedicated themselves to making ice cream the old-fashioned way: slowly and by hand. They use hormone-free cream and milk from grass-fed cows and natural cane sugar. Ample Hills pasteurizes its cream and milk on-site, so it’s a registered dairy plant. Virtually all of its mix-ins are created in house from scratch. It has four locations in New York City and one at Disney World, but you can also purchase pints on its website and even on Amazon.


It had been on a camping excursion that Wally Byam got the idea to start the Airstream Trailer Co… Byam had purchased an old Model T chassis and constructed a tent on it, but it had been an awkward and time-consuming procedure. He then considered building a tear-shaped aluminum shield having an icebox and small stove inside, and the very first Airstream was born in Byam’s Los Angeles backyard. Shortly afterward, the Airstream Trailer Co. began producing its early trailer, the Torpedo Car Cruiser. By 1932, the firm had sold over 1,000 Torpedo Car Cruisers. Airstream has been making its own trailers in Jackson Center Ohio because 1952 and manufactures about 1,000 motor homes per year.


George G. Blaisdell, Zippo’s creator, started making lighters in 1932 based on an Austrian lighter layout. Since that time, Zippo lighters have become iconic collectible things, with more than 4 million collectors from the United States. On June 5, 2012, the company made its 500 millionths lighter. In the more than 80 years since starting, Zippo has become among the most recognizable brands in the world, using its lighters being marketed in over 160 nations. They also have appeared in more than 1,500 movies, the company says. Today, George Duke, Blaisdell’s grandson, owns Zippo along with the Case Cutlery Co., acquired in 1994, and also the Ronson brand of lighters and gas, obtained in 2010.

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