Client Events to Grow Your Financial Advisor Instantly

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Customer events are a proven method for financial advisors to demonstrate admiration, further develop the client-advisor connection and increase the opportunity of being introduced to clients’ friends and associates. To be effective, these events will need to be informative or fun, and most of all, memorable.

A customer dinner is the most elementary appreciation event–and also the most intimate. Invite a customer out to dinner at a restaurant that’s suited to your own tastes. Extending the invitation into a spouse and the following couple is also a non-threatening way of fulfilling new prospects.

You might also hold appreciation dishes on a bigger scale with all your customers and prospects in attendance. Rent a hall out and cater an evening meal with beverages and audio for an adults-only event, or invite both the kids and to have a cookout at a local park. Whatever you decide, make it all about just how much you appreciate them and not about promoting a brand new offering or seeking to talk anybody into extra services.

Wine-Tasting Event

A wine-tasting occasion is a spinoff of this client appreciation dinner and can be carried out with only wine and hors d’oeuvres or with a full-course dinner. Many restaurants offer a wine-tasting bundle, complete with a sommelier to help host and clarify the wine options. For a more expensive choice, many wines can be paired with various courses of the meal.

Whether this kind of event goes over well with your customers, offer a few annually and keep it interesting by focusing on various wine types every time: all red wines, all of the white wines, wines from a certain country or area, etc..

Workshops are a terrific way to provide value to customers and establish relationships with other professionals. Find a neighborhood estate preparation lawyer or accountant willing to present on a certain topic to customers. Clients benefit because they are learning about a topic at no cost from an expert which usually charges a fee. The professional benefits in advertising their services to new customers.

If the workshop goes well, your own guest speaker can encourage you to present in a similar occasion at their own office.

These events are usually low-cost and can be held at an office conference room. If any of your clients work throughout the day, consider doing the workshop for a breakfast prior to the normal workday begins or as a lunch-and-learn occasion.

Market-Related or Guest Speaker Workshop

They can talk about what’s been happening in financial news or about new products.

Market workshops are powerful because they help educate clients on the fundamentals of investing and other timely topics. Take care not to do too much selling at this function. Keep it informational and allow your customers to strategy you if they have an interest in what you’ve discussed.

Guest speakers are another superb way to provide value to customers. These speakers can discuss anything interesting and related to a customer’s needs. For example, Alzheimer’s disease has been steadily on the increase, and receiving a specialist to talk to clients on preventative measures might be a useful and memorable occasion.

On this kind of occasion, a painting teacher teaches everyone how to paint the exact same picture. They provide brushes, paints, canvases, and sometimes wine.

Advisors could host a private session with the art instructor and encourage several customers. Make sure you include spouses in the invitation–it may give you an opportunity to fulfill them whenever they’re reluctant to attend financial planning sessions in your office.

Be sure to take a group picture of all of the customers holding their paintings up and email it to everyone.

Movie Night

Distributing a film theater may not be as costly as you might think. Ask your local theater about bundles that have the screening, snacks, and beverages. Consult your customers to vote on a movie, or pick a show you think they’d enjoy.

If you don’t have enough clients to fill the theater then invite them to invite friends and family members. Renting a theater for a premiere is probably more costly, but it could make quite an impression on your clients and prospects.

Sports Clinic

Sports clinics can be tailored to customers’ hobbies. Golf is generally popular with the retiree clientele, along with a golf clinic makes a fantastic occasion. Hosting it at a local golf course with a teacher could be well-received since golfers are usually looking to enhance. Besides, you can open the clinic to members of this golf course in the hopes that they may be looking for a financial advisor.

Client-Specific Event or Party

Client-specific events are tailored to significant milestones in a client’s life. Hosting a party in honor of these milestones would greatly increase the client-advisor relationship. As an instance, if a client is set to retire, the adviser could throw a surprise retirement party and encourage the client’s friends and loved ones. This also provides the adviser with a chance to interact with new prospects.

Hosting a charity event is another great opportunity to invite clients. Inviting your customers to take part in a fundraiser or other event for your favorite charity shows that you take care of things out of business.

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