Green Business Ideas for Eco-Minded Entrepreneurs (Beginners Guide)

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We have outlined 19 eco-friendly business ideas for making money and saving Earth at the same moment.

Beginning an ink-refill company can not only be a highly profitable decision, it may be an environmentally aware one, also. You may question if refilling ink cartridges really enables the environment taking into consideration the amount of paper that’s wasted every year. However, by reusing old ink cartridges, there is less non-biodegradable waste accumulating in landfills. Paper remains relevant and necessary in the business world, but empty ink containers aren’t.

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Flu books

Credit: Iryna Tiumentseva/ShutterstockIf you love to write, begin your own environmentally-minded publication. Your actions can make a big difference in the world. By debunking popular myths and sharing the truth about the world we live in, you can help customers be more answerable for their activities.

Green fund

Charge: Romolo Tavani/ShutterstockGreen fund focuses on supporting neighborhood, community-level projects, with a focus on sustainable, ecologically friendly agriculture. The green fund is also typically concerned with providing educational opportunities, financing for artistic endeavors and projects that support local ecology.

Rather than more traditional companies in the realm of finance, green finance is obsessed with societal sustainability. In reality, green financial institutions may fill a void to realize a positive project that otherwise would not exist which really benefits the neighborhood.

Eco-friendly retail

Charge: zaozaa19/ShutterstockConsumer benefits programs are very popular amongst retailers, and e-commerce website EcoPlum is no exception. With every purchase, customers earn EcoChipz, which are redeemable for either rewards or a donation to different environmental causes. Each product sold also carries a third-party green certification or an equal eco-label.
Besides selling sustainably sourced products, EcoPlum produces educational material, including monthly columns by industry experts, local green business listings, recycling information, eco-tips, and video and book recommendations. If you are considering starting a retail store, look at partnering with a business that has similar motives and values as you and your customers.

Sustainable construction materials

Charge: Mr.Boy/ShutterstockYou might not consider the building as very sustainable, but some companies today provide recycled substances for use in projects like infrastructure repair.
The organization’s railroad ties and pilings are made from recycled plastic from industrial and consumer applications instead of non-sustainable materials like concrete and steel. Axion is currently working with major partners such as Long Island Rail Road to improve infrastructure safely and safely in the United States.

Organic catering

a great way for eco-friendly foodies to share their passion for both meals and the environment is to begin an organic catering firm. By catering local events and business luncheons with foods containing organic and locally grown ingredients, free-range meats, and vegan, fermented, and paleo meal options, you are going to appeal to nature lovers and health and wellness enthusiasts alike.
Be sure, however, to minimize the impact on the environment by avoiding plastic and paper products as much as possible and composting food waste.

Eco-friendly beauty salon

Organic and vegan hair and beauty products are popping up everywhere. A way to produce this fashion work for you is to open an eco-friendly beauty salon. You can start a hair salon that uses all-natural shampoos and sprays or even a nail salon that uses environmentally friendly and vegetarian polishes and spa treatments.

Eco-friendly landscaping

Credit: Landscaping picture via ShutterstockProfessional landscaping may create your lawn and garden look nice, but all that maintenance isn’t always great for the environment. With a few eco-friendly suggestions and know-how, you can help homeowners make their yards and figuratively greener. SheKnows recommends artificial turf, drought-resistant plants and strategically placed trees for a yard that conserves water, energy, and money.

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