Its Time To Market Your Business: 7 Easy Marketing Strategies To Follow

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Today I wish to give you some very simple marketing tactics which you can use to get your small business get attention,

Small business owners usually compete with other regional businesses as well as nationally known chains or service organizations.

Many small business owners are reluctant to spend much money on marketing as there are equally pressing needs for payroll stock or rent and other needed cash outlays and also they can see an immediate return from certain expenditures.

Marketing is Almost like Cigarette Smoke

you cannot see the return even though it is substantial, it was not too long ago that businesses with small advertising budgets engaged in a marketing strategy called guerrilla marketing, the purpose of this type of marketing is to get noticed without spending much money.

Social Media Can Helps Small Businesses

today it is a new form of guerrilla marketing and works hand-in-hand with the old method of guerilla marketing, it can be done for little expense so what can you do to promote your small or startup company at low cost.

many of your competitors don’t even know about following our tips that will assist you to market your business without depleting your bank account.

#1 Develop a powerful advertising message and a hook to acquire prospective customers’ attention

good topics to include on your website or in a brochure about your company, include a statement of an issue and the way your company can solve it.

the methodology of your company uses to achieve results.

what makes your company stand apart from your uniqueness and testimonials

#2 Case Studies

Describing your goods or services key benefits into an eight-second elevator pitch, this is because the majority of adults have an attention span of under ten seconds

#3 Local Businesses

Cross marketing efforts by asking non-competitive regional businesses to join the group fliers and coupons can be placed by cash registers in cooperating businesses, mention them on your site and in your social media and they can do the same for you.

This method is cheap and powerful to grow a community on your local business


# 4. Get Attention

Providing goods or services for a charitable beneficiary are simply a few of the ways that you could get before your customers

#5. Networking

you can quickly build your own network of people who will market for you and for whom you can market as well

#6 Be Humble

if your product or service is received well by a customer, don’t be shy about asking for a referral. most people are pleased to help but usually only if asked so go ahead and request a referral , say something like “oh, by the way, do you know anyone else who could benefit from our services?”  people says “well, ok“, as a matter of fact, yes I do

 # 7. Build Relationships

keeping a customer is way less expensive than trying to get new ones.  keep your name in front of your customers, this can be done through email marketing when a customer at your store or website asks for their email address.

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