The Complete Guide To Starting A Business

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a lot of us wanted to start our own business, a public space filled with new project reports but reporting entrepreneurship is drastically skewed in a certain direction:

  • towards those who have begun new sorts of business activities and are the pioneers who have paid trade limits by creating a fully original offer
  • usually, through assistance from an innovative piece of technology they may be new entrepreneurs, for example, an application was invented to measure and control humidity in wardrobes, or perhaps have a small sensor that can detect hunger in pets
  • set up a social platform to connect people to planning a trip to Italy this focus on creativity can make us feel that the main road is right to become an (entrepreneurial) entrepreneur it will always be through radical innovation (origin) based on technology so we contemplate the future of entrepreneurship

ask ourselves (with growing panic) what is not thought about is the idea that we might reach to move us forward in our madness, the answers we reach may begin to recoil in an unbelievable way, vulgar or naive but there is another way most of the economy consists of companies that do things that people have been doing or have been doing for a lengthy time:

making daily bread, shirts or trousers, teaching languages ​​or giving passengers a bed for a night, or raising animals or repairing teeth in other words,

most companies operate in regions called “mature” economists, which are difficult to access and make a sudden fortune but that does not mean that these sectors should be ignored far away from him; there are a large number of significant possibilities hiding us insight on one account,


1. The Wonderful Fact About The Economy

most companies do not like what you do we may make a fundamental distinction between two kinds of business – pragmatic works – works of love pragmatic companies are everywhere they almost determine what we think work is, in essence, they understand how to make their product or service with a degree of efficiency, but there is a practical way

the edge is not perfect for the way they go around things there is nothing very strong direct them to their own shows maybe they were doing something else easily they don’t care about the long term work is simply a means for a basic financial purpose one eye

2. Always Focuses on How to Sell

if its owners do not work, almost certainly such pragmatic work may be good, or even very good, for a long time, but the motives are easy enough to detect the discerning eye can tell something crucial within minutes of walking through the door: this is not done, or for love pragmatic businesses dominate the economy one might say that more than 85% of companies fall into this category but there are parts of the economy, they belong to the minority, things are going very differently the works of love produce many distinct things, but there are basic principles to uphold them here love means:

– full commitment to the excellence of a specific product or service

– desire to re-invest almost every profit in the guarantee of excellence

– long-term focus, because the work is for their owners

– the meaning of life there is no interest in selling the company now, or perhaps ever your best wish may be to give it to someone you love, like your child now, ms gorgeous @

– love means you will do it almost for free

– not just because you want to live you need to pay your employees and want to be able to work long term the product or service is what you love and love extraordinarily the work of love is the type in which the owner attracts the world to get the best types of flour and wakes up excitedly at dawn to check on the progress of each of the loaves;

3. Open Business That Have Small Competition

Consider this:

  • the aircraft factory where the workers think of every aircraft they build like a relative will always take care of him;
  • a stationery shop where laptops and paper are seen as objects of beauty instead of utility;
  • the travel agency won’t be comfortable until you know that the customers enjoyed their trips instead of just paying them;
  • or a sandwich shop that watches gorgeous avocado and chicken rolls as one of the actual life pleasures of hard life the companies are working for love do not always succeed in the financial sense of the term some returnees may be just over 3% per year but for these companies,

money is only a way to reach a bigger and more useful end there are great opportunities to deliver any potential business because most of the economy in the hands of people who do not like what they do most law firms, dentists’ offices, hotels, and bakeries, are not in love might be effective and powerful, but they are in the end – waiting for the sale we do not have to be too original to succeed, and we do not need to invent anything very new


we just need – to understand our lives and achieve a true life along the way – to give the world something we love more strongly than most people translating”gorgeous”


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